Optics Branch/Code 551

The Optics Branch at NASA GSFC supports all phases of optical component and system development, including: design, fabrication, verification, and system integration and test.   We offer leadership and optical systems engineering to meet technical requirements and cost, on time to enable scientific discovery and exploration.   Our instrument-focused expertise spans the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from compact cubesat missions and optical components to instruments and large space telescopes.

We can assist you with design and analysis including polarization, radiometry, system modeling and analysis, stray light, and tolerancing.  Our fabrication shop specializes in grinding, polishing, and thin film deposition including world class high reflectance UV coatings.   We perform cryogenic transmittance and reflectance measurements and cryogenic index of refraction measurements of unprecedented accuracies on your Optics Branch or vendor-supplied parts.  Our branch is also home to some of the world leaders in cutting-edge phase retrieval and high speed computational optics.  If you are looking for state-of-the art metrology and integration support, our branch boasts a full complement of alignment tools including laser trackers, laser radars, romer arms, and the first cryogenic photogrammetry system to operate down to 30K.  We also can assist you with proposal support involving design, costing, staffing, concepts and breadboarding.