Code 550 Projects and Missions

The Instrument Systems and Technology Division directly support in-house scientific instrument builds.  The division often provides expertise to out-of-house developments as well.  The optics branch's alignment, integration and test group supports both instruments and spacecraft efforts.  Occasionally, the cryogenics and fluids branch's efforts are categorized as not uniquely focused on a/the instrument.  The lasers and electro-optics branch is becoming more and more engaged in laser communication.  While the division's focus is on a science measurement, we are equally proud when the technologies we develop (or foster) can be spun off in other meaningful ways.  The majority of the division's efforts are in pursuit of space-borne science instruments; however, the laser and electro-optics branch, and microwave instruments branch have technology frequently (if not continuously) involved in field campaigns aboard airplanes.

Supporting Current Missions and Projects